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Lisa Hubble’s – Deaf NDE – spoke telepathically


Hello, everyone, you are all such beautiful people. I know some of you may wonder who I am. Let me introduce myself. I am Lisa Hubble. My maiden name is Sorace. This was a very emotional inspiring, and beautiful experience. First of all I am married, I have three children. The oldest is a boy, almost 10 years old, my second is a girl, she is 7 years old. My youngest girl is almost 4 years old. We recently moved to Upstate New York about 5 hours north of New York City this past February.

I want to say Thank you! Thank you! Thankyou! to all the people, friends, family. My husband and children for your powerful prayers, your thoughts, hearts, energy and healing influences. Thank you!
I almost died! What happened was amazing! Let me explain what happened. I’ve regained strength and feel better now. I’m still coughing but that has decreased. I cough here and there, but it will get better. I feel your overwhelming love. I really want to thank all the various faiths, groups, healing groups, spiritual groups, metaphysical groups, agnostics, atheists for their prayers, thoughts and hearts that really inspired me. I really thank you. Especially the doctors, nurses and technology. without them I would have already died, period! So thankful

I want to explain what happened. I’ve never had an asthma attack never as I grew up. My son has mild asthma. I moved upstate in February time moved on…I’m a healthy person. Suddenly, about three weeks ago my daughter caught a virus a little cold, coughing…then I caught it. Started coughing about three weeks ago and coughed for a week, didn’t feel good. So immediately I saw my family doctor he checked everything.

No virus..checked my oxygen level which was a little low, and gave me an inhaler so fine, I used the inhaler. Then I took my family on vacation to Long Island where I grew up went for a week and felt better still coughing a little, finished our vacation, went home came back Sunday , two weeks ago, arrived home, and then struggling increased with my breathing. By Monday my breathing was worse. By Tuesday even worse – struggling. So I decided to go to Urgent Care. My doctor was not available so I went in and was examined. My oxygen was low, got an x-ray and they found a little pneumonia in my lower right lungs.

The radiologist said nothing was clear but the doctor disagreed so he gave me a Z-Pak and the same old antibiotics and an inhaler…so, fine.. I took the meds, went home still struggled breathing on through to the evening, when it got worse. I noticed my lungs contracting. My husband decided to use my son’s nebulizer an asthma machine it helped a little. I believe it bought some time.
So I used the nebulizer and breathed a little bit better but then my lungs contracted worse. Air was coming in but not going out. I struggled until about 1 to 1:30 am. I woke my husband and said I can’t breathe. I can’t take full breaths.

My husband called 911. I was rushed to the Emergency Room. I was alert, but struggled to breathe. I had another x-ray no pneumonia-lungs clear. I received breathing therapy – which I never had before! Breathing therapy continued…it got worse my respiratory system contracted, closed up. I couldn’t lay down I was sent for a CT Scan that was awful, you know, laying down in a tube. I struggled through that and made it, got out, went back to the ER. Then…total black out!

A crew of doctors surrounded me and forced me into an induced coma and put me on life support. They told my husband to contact family because I may die. He called my family. For 28 hours I was in a coma on life support. That happened on July 10th. Tuesday night through Wednesday morning July 10th. Family flew in and drove in while I was out with a tube down my throat on a machine. the doctors wanted my lungs to rest and let the machines take care of my body and all my organs were fine except my lungs had collapsed.

Then July 10th went, on to Thursday afternoon I started going in and out of awareness. My family encouraged me to breathe until I could breathe on my own then they took me off life support. I was disoriented my family surrounded me I thought, “what are they doing here?” I was lost for 28 hours. “Where am I?” It was real powerful love from my family. I want to share with you my NDE, or Near Death Experience.

First thing I remember..Clearly! It’s hard to describe it is such a powerful and beautiful place. I was mounted on a white-winged horse, saddled up on a mountaintop holding on..youknow a unicorn? makes you laugh, unicorn..beautiful story, but the horn was not on the front, but on the back of the head. I was holding on, and felt. I really saw and smelled everything that happened

I held on to a marble..white-grey mixed pole which felt cold while I was mounted. It was a beautiful horse a mysterious animal or from the unicorn family – I don’t know.

I call this my “healing animal” I felt I was bonded to that animal in a past life. I was holding on and riding then, I looked over and saw a beautiful angel. Tall, and I mean big, huge! he looked like a warrior in a white robe. He was handsome with radiant eyes this was all crystal clear! He was a loving and peaceful man with mid-length light brown hair. He stood and looked at me.

I was on the horse, and I had to look up. He had to be 8-feet tall. His hands were big. How did we communicate? Did we sign or speak? no..we used mental telepathy He told me, “fly away..go!” I held on and rode. You know how a horse can gallop veyr wildly? Well I rode very light and easy

We traveled up through space and the stars were beautiful as we rode back down through mountains..over beautiful blue waters. The sky above us was crystal clear blue without a cloud in the sky. The climate was perfect, in the 70’s. The air was the best! Clean and perfectly pure. I felt I could smell everything across the mountains and waters I saw a pond with flowers that illuminated with glowing colors and the flowers had feelings with spirits as they illuminated..beautiful! so hard to describe..really beautiful.

That was one part of my experience during another part of my experience I stood with the same angel and looked and saw a gate with golden bars a big gate opening slowly. We stood facing each other. I’m on the right, he’s on the left. The gate opened up then faded away..and I can’t remember if I entered? I don’t know but..I received a knowledge a message planted in my mind. I felt love from the greatness of God or a higher power, or whatever you call it. Heaven, paradise, or a beautiful place. Whatever it is…it is a beautiful place.

I remember inside I had to get back home because I’m a mother with 3 children, a husband, family and friends..I knew I had to get back. So that knowledge stayed in my mind.

I want to share with you that important message. What was the most important part of the message? Love..this earth has many races: White, Black,Hispanic,Chinese different religion’s..spiritualist’s, agnostic’s, atheist’s all around beautiful, because smart, dumb, hearing, deaf, different medical views on hearing physical challenges our different challenges it is necessary!

Why? We are here to learn and grow from our experiences. We face all these challenges conflicting challenges that interplay and transform. Love is the key. Love will resolve our conflicts. I know there are challenges, love is the key. If we are only one kind of people. How do we learn? We can’t. It is necessary to include all these things like race, religion, sexual orientation, gay straight, lesbian, etc..It is necessary for our growth. The key is to love yourself and love others. Don’t judge others. Everyone has different needs. We can make a difference in this world. If we show our love. Love, Love, Love Love and no judging.

Challenges are o.k.! We need to learn. Take a heart, for example…you may find anger, negativity, and toxicity fostering inside as you grew up. Let them go..cast them out of your heart. Blow them away. It is not worth the anger or negativity that will tear down your soul the sulking and depression….let it go. What is important is Love. I know it is not easy but try to let love increase and you will see a big difference. Stay positive. I’m telling you the next life does exist I was there! I saw it, I felt it, and smelled it. I’m not afraid of death but I know I want to stay here because my children need me. I’m staying because I have a lot to do here. It is important to spread love.

One more thing…You know that everyone has your own spiritual guide an angel, or loved one. You are never alone. Your spiritual guide is right behind you helping and assisting you since you were born helping you journey through life. Through life-punching experiences helping you through. It is true!

Now we focus on love. We have to actively spread love. Life is so precious…precious! You never know what tomorrow will bring. So take advantage of forgiving. Love everyone and enjoy this life. Be happy. You are special. You are loved. I love you! From my heart I give love for you. I love you! Kisses! I Love You!